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How to Make a Home in Minecraft? [Step by Step]

If you want to survive in Minecraft, mentalise yourself that you need a home. The house will provide you with a safe place to build, dig, explore, sleep... but above all, and more importantly, take care of the spiders and creepers, as these creatures in the light of day do not disappear. If you're a player ... Sigue leyendo "How to Make a Home in Minecraft? [Step by Step]"

Minecraft Game. What You Need to Know

The Minecraft game is a sandbox or open world video game; for you to understand better, is a construction game. Its original creator is Markus Persson, better known in this world as Notch, although later the game was developed by his own company, Mojang AB. Minecraft was released in its alpha version in May 2009, although ... Sigue leyendo "Minecraft Game. What You Need to Know"

Download Minecraft for PC [Free]

Minecraft has been and is one of the most successful mobile games of all time; Millions of people have downloaded and installed it on their smartphones and tablets. If you access the Google Play Store, you can find Minecraft among the most addictive games in the ranking of the Google Store. And although it is true ... Sigue leyendo "Download Minecraft for PC [Free]"