Minecraft Game. What You Need to Know

The Minecraft game is a sandbox or open world video game; for you to understand better, is a construction game. Its original creator is Markus Persson, better known in this world as Notch, although later the game was developed by his own company, Mojang AB.

Minecraft was released in its alpha version in May 2009, although its full version did not come to light until November 2011.

The version of the Minecraft game for Android devices was released in October 2011, and a month later came the release for iOS devices. In addition, the game is also available for the following platforms:


  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita
  • Raspberry Pi

Minecraft has sold more than 54 million copies worldwide, a chilling figure. Another important fact is that Microsoft acquired the Minecraft game in September 2014 for the huge sum of 2.5 billion dollars.

What is the Minecraft game about?

Minecraft players can make free constructions by means of blocks (cubes), these with three-dimensional texture. They can also perform objects with different utilities, collect resources, combat mobs (game creatures), or combat against other players.

At first, the game had two modes:


  • Survival: Where players had to acquire resources to sustain their health and hunger.
  • Creative: Where players could access unlimited resources of the game, they could fly and did not need to take care of their health and hunger.

Apart from the game modes, you can set the difficulty of playing, where the quietest level is the pacific; in which there are no monsters in Minecraft that interact with the players. There is another mode of play, the end, similar to survival mode, in which the player can only play with difficult difficulty and only has one life, so if he loses it, the game ends and the world has to be erase

What else can be done in Minecraft?

The game of Minecraft does not have a specific objective, since it is an open world game, where the player has a lot of freedom as to the form of play that he wants to choose. Even so, you can achieve some achievements in the game. There is a predetermined game mode, and it is in first person, although this one can be changed to third person.

The game revolves around the placement and destruction of cubes (blocks), creating three-dimensional cubic objects, which are placed on top of a fixed grid pattern. In the end, these incarnate elements of nature, such as stones, minerals, earth or tree trunks to name a few. Each player has the freedom to move around their environment and to change it through the creation, collection and transport of Minecraft game cubes, which can only be put on the fixed grid of the game.

When a player starts in Minecraft, it is in a world that has been generated by an algorithm, which makes it infinite and there can never be two identical worlds. The player can move freely on terrains as diverse as deserts, jungles, oceans or plains. The game Minecraft has its own cycle of time, being a game day equivalent to 20 minutes of reality.

The Minecraft game also includes non-playable characters and animals, both of which are known as mobs (creatures). These can be peaceful, such as horses, chickens, pigs… and from which players can get resources and food, or they may be discrepant creatures, such as spiders, skeletons or zombies; Creatures that are only displayed in dark areas and at night. Among these creatures appear some that are unique in the game as they are:

  • Creepers: When the player is near, they explode.
  • Enderman: They are neutral and can accumulate blog or teleport.
  • Whiter: Boss creatures.
  • Domesticated animals: Like the wolf.
  • Golem and snow golem: Creatures that can be summoned.

The map is not created completely simultaneously, it is divided into chunks, horizontal blocks of 16 × 16. As you progress, new chunks are created and added to the map. Pieces closest to the player are stored in memory.

How many game modes are there?

We have already talked a little about some of the game modes of Minecratf, but let’s move on to see them all in more detail:


This mode is based on a mixture of real life with something of fantasy, and is to feed and survive the attack of many creatures that appear in the night or the dark. The characters can hold up to 10 hearts, which are 20 health points.


The hardcore way, is equal to the survival mode, but with the inequality that the level is fixed in difficult and after the death of the player eliminates the world that has been generated.


In creative mode it is based on free construction. Players have unlimited supply of blocks and objects, being able to place and destroy them at any time. There are no attacks by the monsters, no harm is received, although you can die if you fall into the void. You can also fly freely on stage. In the creative mode you can destroy blocks with a sword.


Adventure mode is for players who want to create maps for other users who want to play online. The adventure mode has a series of criteria that act in the players of the following way:

  • You can only break blocks that the tool needs.
  • You can not modify the difficulty in some versions.
  • Although optional, players can only go down the path set by the map developer.

Well, and so far we have arrived in this first article, now you know what the game Minecraft is, what you can do or what levels of play there.

But before we go, I would not want to leave you with a good video of Minecraft so you can see a little about what this great game is all about…

You only have to download the game and start playing Minecraft, do not you think?