How to Make a Home in Minecraft? [Step by Step]

If you want to survive in Minecraft, mentalise yourself that you need a home. The house will provide you with a safe place to build, dig, explore, sleep… but above all, and more importantly, take care of the spiders and creepers, as these creatures in the light of day do not disappear.

If you’re a player you’re just starting out with and you’re learning, today we’re going to see step by step how to make a home in Minecraft, so you can start defending yourself.

Make your own work tools

You need tools to build your house, we will see all you need and how you have to do them.


Create a workbench

This way you’re going to leave, make a work table, a piece of firewood, gather four wooden boards. Put them in the inventory and decorate your work table.

Make a woodpecker, you need to gather stone

Joining three wooden boards horizontally through the top row, and with two sticks in the center column, you can make a wooden stick.

Now you’re going to have to get enough stone, about twelve blocks or so to make a stone spade, a stone spade, and a stone ax. To gather this amount of blocks of stone, you will have to dig the stone with the woodchip you have made.


Build a stone ax

Put two sticks and three blocks of stone in the same way you did to create the wooden stick, only now you will do it with stone.

Make a shovel of stone

With two sticks and a block of stone in a vertical line you can make a stone shovel.

How to gather the materials to build your house?

Decide what material you want your home to be

For you, your house will be like a temple, but that does not mean that it is not vulnerable to attacks and any unforeseen disaster that may occur, so you have to be careful.

You have to plan things in advance, as it will help you to make sure that your house will be safe to live in, and on top that it is nice in regards to design.

Let’s see the possible options, with their advantages and disadvantages, as to the materials you can use:

– The wood can get very easy to obtain, but it is very flammable and the Creepers may destroy it.

– Then we have the earth, which is fireproof, but has the disadvantage that is fragile to the Creepers blasts, we also have to be careful with Enderman, as this can leave holes in the walls of the house. So, dodge the earth as material if you can.

– A good option to build may be bricks, these can withstand Creepers blasts, the downside is that they are difficult to get

– If you are starting, the rock is a perfect material. You will not be hurt by Creepers that explode thanks to the high durability of the rock.

Sandstone can be a good alternative if you are in the desert. If you compress four blocks of sand you can turn them into sandstone and use them to build the house. But beware; you have to know that the sandstone has a low resistance to explosions.

– Lastly, never use gravel or sand, because gravity affects them, and besides that you will not be able to have a roof, you can appear a Creeper and finish everything with less of a sigh.

Acquire wood using the stone ax

You can get wood from the trees with this tool. Depending on the size of your home, you will need between 50 and 100 blocks of wood to build a normal small house.

Make brick

If you melt ash and charcoal together, you can make bricks. At first, making brick may seem a bit advanced, but if you center yourself, you can do it. If you are going to melt, you will need an oven; you can find it in villages with NPC or you can also create it with eight blocks of rock. You have to leave a space in the place of the center of your work table.


If you want to make brick blocks, you have to join four bricks together in the same square.

If you are going to build a house with bricks, you will surely need about one hundred (Yes, 100), brick blocks; It means that you will need at least 400 individual bricks.

Get rock

A perfect material for the intermediate player who wants to make a home, is the rock. There are two ways in which we can achieve it:

Excavating. It arises naturally in dungeons, forts and villages of NPC.

Creating her. If you can build an infinite rock generator you can make rock, or you can make it very easy when you have a lava and water intersection.

So… How to make a home in Minecraft?

Let’s see step by step how to make a home in Minecraft:

Make the walls

A suitable size for the house is seven by seven (7 × 7) blocks; This way you can place a door in the center. We recommend that the height of the house is 4 blocks.

Build a roof

You have to close the roof with the material you want. Thanks to the roof, you will prevent hostile monsters such as Zombies, Creepers, Enderman, spiders, etc. from entering your house.

Put a couple of windows and light by melting some sand. Another good choice may be to place 4 2 × 2 windows in different places that you choose in the house.

Make some torches

If you put a piece of coal on top of a stick, you can create a torch. If you lack charcoal, you can melt some wood, and this will become charcoal.

If you want to avoid the Mobs it is essential to have a light source, whether it is a bright stone torches or pumpkin lamps. The reason is that the Mobs do not appear when there is light.

Build a door

You can make a door if you put wooden boards in a 3 × 2 position. Once you have done the door, right click on the floor at the entrance of the house.

And that’s it! Your basic home in Minecraft is finally complete!

We are going to leave a video so that you can guide and see the whole process, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Video – How to Build a Simple House in Minecraft

You can already boast to your friends with your masterpiece. Although you can wait for a while to furnish the house with some amenities, you can make a bed, a brick fireplace, lights to be turned on at night, put a television…

But this is not all friend, we are still going to teach you to build something more…

How to make a tree house in Minecraft

Follow these simple steps to make your next creation come true:

Join enough logs and make with them a hollow tube of 3 × 3. You have to do it about ten blocks high.

Put inside the tube stairs all the way up and then make a platform up.

Put a door and windows to each to be sure.

All you have to do is enjoy the views of the forest, the mountains, the ocean…

Tips for building a home in Minecraft

– A good starting point is to dig your house next to a mountain, and you are more likely to appear near the mountains and not in huge space to build your house.

– If you start to do at night and still have not started to make your house, we recommend that you save a hole in a hill to make a shelter, if not, it is likely that you can die.

Never make your home in open space, it is like making it on top of a cave, you will not be able to sleep thanks to the Mobs.

Put torches out, if you go for resources it will be easier to find your house at night.


– To build a good house, it is best to cut firewood all day.

– When you put the bed, try to leave some space around so you can use it easily.

Place a pair of torches to give light and also to prevent any Mob.

– Build your house with enough space to put everything.

– If you are living in a mountain, try to dig in it as you are going to have the stone so that you need it for the house.

– If you have a lot of space in your house, they will create patches of darkness in it.

Do not go outside your house at night if you do not go with armor, food and armada, otherwise, you will be attacked by Mobs.

– If you can place torches on the roof and around your house.

– Always carry a couple of extra mining spikes, so you can spend more time mining.

– Position the windows or the door from the outside of your house, thus preventing the skeletons from firing arrows.

– Building a door will allow you to see out if you do not have enough wool to make a bed.

– Do not put many torches in the house; otherwise you will not have space to put furniture.

– If you have authorized «cheats» using the «/gamemode creative» code, it may help you not to consume your resources, but if you do not want to use cheats in the game, do not use this code.

– If you want to build without being interrupted by the Mobs, surely you will have to play in creative mode.

– If you do not have armor And good tools, do not build at night.

– Zombies will try to knock down the door of your house if it is made of wood, and they will get it if you have the level of difficulty in «difficult». They can even knock you through the door. In this case we advise you to open the door and try to kill them as fast as you can. Another option is to use an iron door.

Please also bear in mind these indications

Never fire a fire if you have made your house with wood, you know what will happen, your house will burn.

Do not do your house next to a cave. All your work will go to waste if a Creeper comes and destroys the house.

Never make your main house with dirt. If a Creeper explodes by… goodbye home!

– If you can, build the house near the water. Try to make your home on a flat site.

Do not put the bed if you can in front of the door. To be able to be, put the bed in one side of your house.

And here we are! This is all you have to know to build a good house in Minecraft, you are aware of what you can and cannot do, and you just have to put it into practice.